89MXA - Compact Workshop Inflator

89MXA - Compact Workshop Inflator

  • $969.71

MXA - Compact Workshop Inflator

The MXA model has been specifically designed for workshop tyre machines; enhancing corporate image and providing safe, accurate and reliable tyre inflation for customers. 

Its light and compact enclosure makes it a superior alternative to the traditional mechanical gauges. It can be operated in different pressure measurement units: PSI or kPa. The ‘Flat Tyre only’ button starts the inflation process when the pressure in the tyre is less than 3 psi or 20 kPa. It also includes over-pressure and purging features for use with nitrogen filled tyres.

When used with the Core Removal Tool, it provides a faster and controlled inflation process (optional).



  • Automatically inflates (or deflates) tyre to the set pressure
  • One touch inflation allows the service technician to attend to other items during inflation cycle
  • Includes over-pressure and purging features for use with nitrogen filled tyres
  • Impact resistant enclosure IP40 rating
  • Dimensions: 156W x 156H x 90D
  • Operating range: 5-145psi 35-1000kPa 0.3-10bar
  • High accuracy to within 0.3 psi


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