AXM Series Truck Scale

AXM - AXM Truck Scales

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Designed for all trucks, prime movers fitted with airbag suspensions.
Made of polycarbonate, a high impact material, the AXM201 guarantees durability and weather resistance. With its bright LED screen the display is clearly visible to operators outside the truck; day or night. It also has alarm features to let your know when the vehicle has reached a specific weight.

The AXM is a smart Truck Scale with built-in Wireless technology that collects the
weights of additional gauges mounted on the trailers. It also has Bluetooth connection, allowing you to check your weights from your smartphone and save them for later reference*.

The AXM is also compatible with the Airtec’s AXM Remote Display, allowing you to check your weights from inside the cab (optional).

Built-in wireless technology allows the truck mounted AXM to read data from additional units mounted with an AXL400 Trailer Scale on each trailer.

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Mobile App

Easily see how your truck is being loaded in real time. With a compatible smartphone* and Airtec’s TruckAXM App you can view a list of axle weights in the cab or within Bluetooth range of your vehicle.

Available on Google Play and Apple Store.



AXM201 single sensor axle load indicator for truck fitted with airbag suspension with single ride height control valves.

AXM202 dual sensor axle load indicator for trucks fitted with dual independent air bag suspension per axle or axle group.



  • Two independently adjustable alarms
  • Simple 2 stage calibration process
  • Universal 7~30 VDC power connection
  • Super bright LED display for high visibility night or day
  • Operating Range 0~120 psi 0~825 kPa
  • Accuracy ± 0.1 psi Full Scale
  • Dimension 188W x 168H x 76D mm 0.8 kg
  • Units of measurements kPa kilograms or tonnes



    Simply the number of sensor inputs. Airtec offers both single and dual sensor gauges, to accommodate the height controls on your truck. For example - A Kenworth with 2 x ride height or leveling control valves would need the AXM202

    Firstly, all Airtec gauges support air bag suspension systems only. The AXM201 is recommended for prime movers with a single ride height control valve. The AXM202 is recommended for prime movers with dual ride height control valves or trailers with dual height control valves.

    Yes! The AXM gauges are our bluetooth series. The AXM is a wireless and real-time monitoring system for multiple axle loads on vehicles. The unit collects weight data from the truck and can record it. The AXL400 gauge is designed for trailers, collecting the weight and sending data to the AXM via WiFi. The two are specifically designed to work together on multiple combinations of up to 9 axle groups.

    If the front and rear axle groups have only one ride height control valve then the AXM202, with its dual channel reading is required. However, if the front and rear have two ride height control valves then two gauges are required.

    The Airtec AXM remote enables this. The remote is mounted inside the cab and then hardwired directly to the AXM gauge, sharing the weight data. The remote can also display data from trailer gauge weights (AXL400) that have been paired with the AXM master. Alternatively the TruckAXM app allows you to view and save the combination weights on your smartphone, iOS and Android compatible. Note: The application is compatible with devices running Android 5.0+ and iOS 11+ operating Systems. Not all Android devices are supported

    If you have experience maintaining vehicles or an auto electrical or mechanic background, you are more than capable of installing an Airtec gauge. An operation manual is provided to assist you with this process.

    Yes, we have Type A approval for our AXM and AXL400 series. We can also provide a TCA Certificate of compliance when purchasing a system or gauge. We are also in the process of working towards Type B.


    Download AXM201 Technical Data Sheet here

    Download AXM202 Technical Data Sheet here