AXL400 Series Trailer Scales

AXL400 - Trailer Load Gauge

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 Designed for trailers, dollys fitted with air bag suspension with single ride or dual height control valves and requires the AXM as a master system gauge.

Made of polycarbonate, a high impact material, the AXL400 guarantees durability and weather resistance. With its bright LED screen the display is clearly visible to operators outside the truck; day or night. It also has alarm features to let your know when the vehicle has reached a specific weight.

The AXL400 is a Wifi-enabled version of our AXM truck scales. It’s an intermediate version between the AXL300 series and AXM series. It collects the weights only from the trailers whilst requires an AXM truck scale to work as a master system gauge on the truck.

Allows you to check your weights from your smartphone and save them for later reference, or from inside the cab using the AXM Remote Display (optional).

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AXL400 single sensor axle load indicator for trailers fitted with airbag suspension with single ride height control valves.

AXL402 dual sensor axle load indicator model is ideal trailers fitted with dual independent air bag suspension per axle or axle group.



  • Wifi Connectability
  • Two independently adjustable alarms
  • Three stage display modes, display mode override control
  • Simple two stage calibration process
  • Universal 7~30 VDC power connection with voltage protection
  • Bright LED display for high visibility suitable for night or day 



Download AXL400 Technical Data Sheet here

Download AXL402 Technical Data Sheet here