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FE-2000 - Flexible Extension DIY Kit

  • $53.13

FE-2000 - Flexible Extension DIY Kit

The FE-2000 Flexible Extension - DIY Kit provides easy access when a spare tyre or pressure vessel is hard to reach. The Kit is supplied with a 2 meter black weather-resistant rubber hose, valve fittings and clamps. To assemble, simply measure and cut the hose to your desired length and clamp the valve end fittings to the hose.

When installed, the flexible extension saves time when checking tyre pressures. Often spare tyre valves are not easily accessible unless you remove the entire tyre from the vehicle.With a working pressure up to 12 bar, this flexible extension kit is also suitable for other pressure vessel applications that require an easy reach access point. The flexible extension kit connects to any standard Schrader (also called American valve) tyre valve.

Note: The FE-2000 is only recommended for fixed or stationary applications.

Important: Ensure the valve cap is well-fitted to avoid dirt and water entering the outside of the valve. Potential jam or contamination of the sealing surface can cause leakage.



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