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91.0213 - Air Chuck, Open

  • $16.92

91.0213 - Air Chuck, Open

This high quality solid brass open clip-on Air Chuck is our most popular inflation spare part. It is compact, durable, easy to use and its open valve provides a safer, faster and convenient inflation process.

The solid brass clip locks onto the tyre valve, opening its core, creating an "open passage" between the air chuck and hose, enabling air pressure to flow. When using it with Airtec’s digital tyre inflator and air hose, the airflow is controlled by the tyre inflator.

The 91.0213 open clip-on air chuck is highly recommended to be used with the Airtec’s hose range, however is also suitable for any 1/4" air hose.

The open clip-on air chuck is not suitable for nitrogen.


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