49.4523 - Light Kit, Top Plate LED Visual Display, FEP

  • $363.00

49.4523 - Light Kit, Top Plate LED Visual Display, FEP

Take a step into the future, and make your service station stand out from the rest with the FEP light kit. 

The light kit has been designed for our FEP Inflator units, with the specific needs of the service and gas station industry in mind. The notification light is particularly beneficial in densely populated areas where the beeper would disrupt surrounding residents. 

The light is designed for use during the night to indicate when a tyre has completed the cycle. The standard LED colour is blue for optimal visual at night. This product also features a timer switch, allowing the light to be programmed to turn On and Off at set times. The light kit sits between the top plate and the frame of the inflator. The light kit is fastened to the LED visual display by screws into the light kit’s bracket. The light kit and LED visual display are fastened to the inflator by the top plate screws.



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