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49.0026 - Retracta Hose Reel

  • $359.59

49.0026 - Retracta Hose Reel

This Retracta Hose Reel has been carefully selected by Airtec to offer an alternative high quality solution to mechanical tyre inflation on forecourts and service stations, tyre and auto workshops or even truck yards. The robust retractable hose reel offers a compact and safe storage solution, whilst also an economical inflation option.

Combined with the dual scale hand-held airline gauge allows the customer to achieve superior accuracy with their tyre inflation. The low rewind feature and full steel stainless steel mouth offer a user friendly service and longer product life.

Product Features

  • Safe storage system keeps hoses off the floor
  • Low rewind tension allows for easy hose pull out
  • Stainless Steel mouth for improved hose and reel service life
  • Optional BU1000 bench or floor mounting bracket
  • Fully repairable
  • High quality components and design
  • Easily removed from bracket if required



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