AXL300 Series Axle Load Indicator

  • $1,060.29

AXL300 Series

Similar to the AXL200 series but instead of stainless steel enclosure it is housed in a tough ABS plastic enclosure with a clear polycarbonate cover.

The 300 series are well sealed against water and dust for harsh Australian conditions and is designed for truck or trailers fitted with airbag suspension that have single ride height control valves. It provides a reliable and accurate solution to displaying the load on each axle group. 

Airtec AXL units offer simple installation as the pressure sensors are directly mounted to the circuit board eliminating the use of interconnecting cables.

After initial calibration the embedded micro-controller calculates and displays the axle load from the suspension system air pressure.



AXL300 single sensor axle load indicator for truck or trailers fitted with airbag suspension with single ride height control valves.

AXL302 dual sensor axle load indicator model is ideal for vehicles fitted with dual independent air bag suspension per axle or axle group.



  • Two independently adjustable alarms
  • Three selectable display modes display mode override control
  • Simple 2 stage calibration process
  • Universal 7 to 30 VDC power connection
  • Super bright LED display for high visibility night or day

Download AXL300 Technical Data Sheet here.

Download AXL302 Technical Data Sheet here.

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